Be Sun Smart

Written on 05/31/2024

As the months are getting warmer and the sun is shining brighter, it’s time to bring attention to an important health concern: skin cancer. With skin cancer being one of the most common types of cancer globally, understanding its risks and taking proactive steps is crucial for maintaining skin health.

People of all colors and races can get skin cancer. A lot of adults think that because there is no family history of skin cancer they do not need to get checked, this is not true. The majority of skin cancer is actually from prolonged sun exposure or the ultraviolet radiation from tanning beds. Those who have darker skin are often diagnosed when the cancer is at a later stage. That is why regular self-checks and working with your doctor to discuss a yearly professional exam are important in helping people find early skin cancers. Prevention is key! 

You can still have fun and enjoy the sun! Remember to always wear sunscreen, limit direct sun exposure, wear protective clothing, and avoid tanning beds. 

When it comes to skin cancer, early detection can make all the difference. It’s time to spread awareness, prioritize prevention, and encourage regular screenings to safeguard our skin. By adopting sun-safe behaviors and being aware of skin changes, we can reduce our risk and contribute to the fight against skin cancer.